Honouring parents

“But,” Chaim says, in a quieter voice, “he’s a very holy man.”
I have never heard a teenaged boy say such a thing about his father, and it keeps me quiet, wondering, for the rest of the while we walk together.”

– Natalie Morrill, The Ghost Keeper

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A new addition to the syllabus of noble lives

I don’t know much about Francis Collins, but since the Templeton Prize just announced that he’s the 2020 Laureate, I’m inspired to learn more.

Ever since learning about Sir John Templeton and the Prize, I became fascinated with the list of past laureates; I began to consider this list a syllabus for studying noble lives. Continue reading “A new addition to the syllabus of noble lives”

The Four Temperaments Go For Coffee

In considering the four temperaments – choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, and sanguine – it occurred to me that a person’s temperament can be on full display in a simple interaction such as meeting a friend at a coffee shop. To illustrate the point, here are some brief descriptions of how a person with each dominant temperament might act: Continue reading “The Four Temperaments Go For Coffee”