Meeting Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: A Spiritual Entrepreneur for Our Time

On May 26th, 2016, I walked to Central Hall Westminster at Storey’s Gate for the Templeton Prize Ceremony for which I had flown from Poland to London. I had moved to Europe to study noble lives because, as George Weigel puts it, “The noble life is still the most compelling witness for the fundamental truthsContinue reading “Meeting Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: A Spiritual Entrepreneur for Our Time”

How to Request a Letter of Reference

When you plan to apply for an opportunity and need to request a letter of reference, here are the ingredients for making your request as straightforward and courteous as possible. Subject Line: Request for a Letter of Reference (by [Date]) Hi [Name], I’m applying for [Describe the Opportunity and Why It Matters to You Personally]Continue reading “How to Request a Letter of Reference”

Existential Alphabet

Wrote this several years ago and was reminded of it today:  Existential Alphabet A is for Angst, that Dizzying Freedom B is for Being, its Possibility and its Tedium C is for the Character of Conscience as Call D is for Dasein, almost Any Existence at All E is for Existential, it’s What We Are  And EContinue reading “Existential Alphabet”

Book: Letters to a Young Muslim

Today I finished reading Omar Saif Ghobash’s book Letters to a Young Muslim. Ghobash is the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to France and former U.A.E. Ambassador to Russia (2008-2017). Through this book of letters addressed to his sons, Ghobash explores his family history, upbringing, and experiences that have led him to “see theContinue reading “Book: Letters to a Young Muslim”