Where are you when you get ahead?

The slogan of the Conservative Party of Canada during the last general election was “It’s Time For You To Get Ahead.”

All throughout the election, I pondered the reasons why I hated it and did not expect it to resonate strongly with voters, including conservatives. Continue reading “Where are you when you get ahead?”

Book Review: A Quebec Jew

“I, Richard Marceau, 11th generation Quebecker, long-time agnostic, son of a practicing Catholic family, educated by priests in Quebec City, firmly rooted sovereignist, Bloc Québécois MP, was preparing, in good conscience and after deliberate consideration, to become a Jew.” 

I just finished reading A Quebec Jew: From Bloc Québécois MP to Jewish Activist by Richard Marceau, which I found to be an enjoyable and engaging read.  Continue reading “Book Review: A Quebec Jew”