Culture and the Sacred

This evening, I’ve been reading some sections from Cardinal Sarah’s latest book The Day is Now Far Spent in which he addresses many contemporary issues. In a chapter on “Europe’s Crisis”, Cardinal Sarah discusses how a multicultural society can only flourish if there actually is a culture. And, as Josef Pieper explains so well inContinue reading “Culture and the Sacred”

A Time to Die

“The cemeteries of the abbeys will always be in bloom.”  This evening I read a beautiful book, A Time to Die: Monks on the Threshold of Eternal Life, written by Nicolas Diat and with a forward by Robert Cardinal Sarah.  Diat travelled to several monasteries in France to visit monks and learn from them aboutContinue reading “A Time to Die”

Cardinal Sarah: “L’essentiel c’est le rapport de l’homme à Dieu”

Ce soir, j’ai regardé cet entretien avec Cardinal Robert Sarah. Il vient de la Guinée en Afrique où il est né en 1945. J’ai lu son livre Dieu ou Rien, mais il y a certaines choses nouvelles que j’ai appris de lui dans cet entretien. Par exemple, il a mentionné qu’il a été ordonné le 20 juliet 1969 et que cetteContinue reading “Cardinal Sarah: “L’essentiel c’est le rapport de l’homme à Dieu””