Culture and the Sacred

This evening, I’ve been reading some sections from Cardinal Sarah’s latest book The Day is Now Far Spent in which he addresses many contemporary issues.

In a chapter on “Europe’s Crisis”, Cardinal Sarah discusses how a multicultural society can only flourish if there actually is a culture. And, as Josef Pieper explains so well in Leisure the Basis of Culture, culture is always connected to worship, to the sacred. If nothing is sacred within a society, then Cardinal Sarah says, “Relativism feeds on the negation of values in order to establish its deleterious influence” and this negation of values always poses threats to human life. Continue reading “Culture and the Sacred”

A Time to Die

“The cemeteries of the abbeys will always be in bloom.” 

This evening I read a beautiful book, A Time to Die: Monks on the Threshold of Eternal Life, written by Nicolas Diat and with a forward by Robert Cardinal Sarah. 

Diat travelled to several monasteries in France to visit monks and learn from them about the mystery of death and the art of dying well. Continue reading “A Time to Die”

Cardinal Sarah: “L’essentiel c’est le rapport de l’homme à Dieu”

Ce soir, j’ai regardé cet entretien avec Cardinal Robert Sarah. Il vient de la Guinée en Afrique où il est né en 1945. J’ai lu son livre Dieu ou Rien, mais il y a certaines choses nouvelles que j’ai appris de lui dans cet entretien. Par exemple, il a mentionné qu’il a été ordonné le 20 juliet 1969 et que cette date était aussi la première fois que les hommes ont mis les pieds sur la lune. Alors il dit « c’était vraiment deux coïncidences, deux merveilles, au ciel et sur la terre ».  Continue reading “Cardinal Sarah: “L’essentiel c’est le rapport de l’homme à Dieu””