A frantic intentness outwards

Because today’s gospel reading is about Jesus meeting the disciples on the road to Emmanus, I’ve been remembering this painting that I saw during my latest visit to Paris.

Communion des Apôtres was painted by Henry Lerolle (1848-1929) in the year 1878 for Saint François-Xavier where it remains to this day. Continue reading “A frantic intentness outwards”

Learning in order to remember and remembering in order to learn

Will You perform a wonder for the dead? Will the shades rise and thank You forever? 
Will Your kindness be told in the grave, Your faith in destruction?
Will Your wonder be known in the darkness, or Your righteousness in the land of oblivion?
– Psalm 88:11-13

Today is Armenian Genocide Memorial Day, so I’ve been reflecting on the historical events we commemorate in a particular way this day and trying to honour the victims by educating myself a bit more about what happened. 

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