Book: The Personalism of John Paul II

One of my very favourite organizations, the Hildebrand Project, has just released this little book titled The Personalism of John Paul II. I read it today and here’s the brief review I wrote of it on Amazon:

“For Every Sin” by Aharon Appelfeld

Today I finished reading a novel by Aharon Appelfeld titled For Every Sin. In it, the protagonist, Theo, is a young adult who has survived the Holocaust and is trying to walk all the way back to his hometown. En route, he continually encounters “refugees” – other Jews like him who have survived the campsContinue reading ““For Every Sin” by Aharon Appelfeld”

What man knows ten thousand faces?

This past weekend, one of my best friends suggested that now is a good time to think about Albert Camus’ book The Plague. Since I hadn’t read it before and given the 1947 novel was likely to be particularly resonant now, I spent the weekend reading it. It’s remarkable how relatable the book is toContinue reading “What man knows ten thousand faces?”

L’euthanasie et l’âgisme

Pendant la conférence de Rise Up organisée par le Catholic Christian Outreach, j’étais impressionnée par tous les kiosques et toutes les publications représentatives des organismes et communautés au Canada. Un magazine qui a particulièrement attiré mon attention était Le Verbe. Sur la couverture de l’édition du printemps se trouvent les mots: «Vieillir n’est pas une maladie.» Le sous-titre de cetContinue reading “L’euthanasie et l’âgisme”