Responsibility as respect for reality

In the third chapter of Dietrich von Hildebrand’s The Art of Living, he discusses responsibility, which was the topic of my MA thesis. “This moral awakedness,” he says, “is also the soul of the fundamental moral attitude that we have called ‘awareness of responsibility.'”
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Jordan Peterson: Choose friends who “punish you carefully”

The third rule from Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is: Make friends with people who want the best for you.

It is a rather somber chapter during which he takes the reader to his small hometown of Fairview in northern Alberta where, he says, “it was no easy matter to stay innocently amused.” After acquainting his readers with what it’s like to live in a freezing climate with which most Canadians are already thoroughly familiar, he proceeds to recount anecdotes of friends he made in the ‘teenage wasteland’ where the two key activities included driving endlessly and partying nihilistically.  Continue reading “Jordan Peterson: Choose friends who “punish you carefully””

A Protestant and a Catholic discuss 465-year-old relic of St. Francis Xavier’s Arm

I arrived to Toronto to visit my Protestant friend for the week. She greeted me wishing me a happy new year and asking how I’d spent it.

“Well,” I explained, “At the conference from which I just came, we venerated a relic of St. Francis Xavier’s right arm, the arm with which he baptized 100,000 people.” Her first question was not “Why do Catholics venerate relics?” but rather “So, how did his arm come off?”

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